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A Man accused of killing Franziska Blöchliger#hot-blooded

A man accused of killing Franziska Blöchliger has  been described him as hot-blooded by childhood of a friend .
he faces charges of murder,rape and  for the fatal attack on the 16-year-old girl in Tokai Forest in March last year.
Meanwhile, defence advocate Ken Klopper has withdrawn from the case, reportedly due to ethical reasons.
Westlake resident Mark Jaftha has described his childhood friend to the court as someone who gets hot-tempered during arguments when he believes he is right.
He also, laughingly, described Oliver as strong, referring to their youth scuffles when the accused used to beat him up.
On the day of the murder, Jaftha says he was approached by the accused while he was washing taxis in Westlake.
Oliver told him he has a “kwaai’ (cool) phone he would like to sell to him, a proposition Jaftha says he declined.
The witness says Oliver then left on a bicycle with Jerome Moses, who was also initially arrested for the crime and has since pleaded guilty to charges relating to being in possession of stolen property.

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