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#Bring it on ANC not worried

The party  is totally not worried about the a pending about vote of no confident in Jacob Zuma, says Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu African National Congress.
"The party is also not opposed to a secret ballot and warns that opposition parties should practice what they preach",he added.
The Constitutional court reserved Judgment on Monday in the UDM's case against the Speaker of Parliament for a secret ballot on a vote of no confidence.
Mthembu says a vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma is the least of his worries and it does not give him sleepless nights.
He says the ANC has not intervened in the court battle for a secret ballot because it's not opposed to one.
“We have no problem at all, bring it on.”
Mthembu says the country's party-based electoral system does not align with a call for MPs to vote with their conscience.
“Let them allow their members to vote, or vote against this motion... Die poppe sal dans.”
He says the ANC caucus is unanimous in how it will vote on the motion.

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