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Eskom killed my sister

The family of an Eskom employee found dead at a substation in Springs is demanding answers about her death from the utility.
Thembisile Yende’s body was found at the East Rand power station on Monday night, two weeks after she was reported missing.
Her family claims they were told that the CCTV system at the power station was not operating on the day of her disappearance and that there was no security guard on duty.
Family spokesperson Mboneni Yende has criticised Eskom’s handling of the case.
“Eskom has killed my sister. From what I have, I can even tell you when we got to the gate on that very same Thursday, they only attended to us after 30 minutes.
“They saw us and it still took them 30 minutes to come to us, they could have been hiding her body. Eskom needs to tell us exactly what happened to our sister.”
Yende says they tried to trace her movements at the substation but have been told CCTV surveillance system was switched off that day.
Yende says the family is still shocked and they want answers from Eskom.
“The sad part is that on Thursday we went there, there were three workers that were inside the station working. On that day, it had been 10 days since had been missing. Are you telling me that if someone has been dead for 10 days then you can’t smell anything? That is highly impossible. The people who were there knew what they were doing.”

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