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Land grabs not solution to land redistribution issues to land

President Jacob Zuma says land grabs are not the solution to address issues of land redistribution.
Zuma says while the land issue is critical, it should be addressed through legal channels.
The president was addressing the Indigenous and Traditional Leaders’ Indaba in Boksburg on Monday.
It was his first time in public since surviving a vote of no confidence at the African National Congress’ national executive committee meeting at the weekend.
He called on traditional leaders to help government with administrating land claims.
“That’s why there’s a necessity to have one strong legal firm. The governing party, the ANC, will discuss this critical matter at the policy conference next month.”
During his address, the president also called on traditional leaders to help government "cure the country" of the women and child abuse.
The president says the abuse of women and children goes against the country's values of Ubuntu.
“Men killing women, raping children [and] killing them is something completely out of our traditions and values. What contribution can you make?”
Earlier this month, Gauteng police discovered the bodies of four women who were murdered near Soweto.
Just two weeks ago, a 22-year-old pregnant woman was kidnapped and gang-raped while walking home in Johannesburg.
The body of a 21-year-old Stellenbosch University student was also discovered along Knorhoek Road recently. The two men accused of killing Hannah Cornelius have since been charged with rape, while a third suspect is expected to appear in court soon.

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