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Six arrested suspected carjacking syndicate memembers

 A multi-disciplinary operation consisting of police and other crime intelligence units has led to the arrests of six people believed to be part of a carjacking syndicate operating throughout Johannesburg.
Police say they first arrested four suspects when they found a stolen luxury vehicle in Middleburg two weeks ago.
But another two suspects were arrested last week in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, when nine luxury vehicles worth about R7 million in total were uncovered.
Police say they also found a hand-held radio and two firearms during their investigations.
The suspects will be appearing before the Lenasia Magistates Court on Monday.

National police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo says, “These vehicles were reported to have been hijacked in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Also if you look at the number of people that we suspect may have been involved, I think that for now it’s sufficient to suggest that they’re part of a syndicate.”

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