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#Violence spreads to Chesterville

The unrest that has plagued the township of KwaMashu this week appears to have spread to Chesterville.
Schoolchildren took to the streets of KwaMashu on Tuesday following violent riots and the looting of foreign national-owned shops in the north Durban township the night before.
On Tuesday night there were small crowds protesting in the Chesterville, near Westville.
On Wednesday morning, burning tyres were dragged into the busy intersection of Booth and Spine Roads.
Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse crowds so they could clear the road.
Two people were detained.
Like their peers in KwaMashu, protesters from Chesterville said children were being abducted and they were adamant foreigners were to blame.
But authorities have in recent days repeatedly said that no kidnapping cases have been reported.
The violent riots in in KwaMashu have claimed one life and left several injured.
A number of foreign national run stores have been set alight and looted.
More as this story develops.

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