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"We continue to live in fear after he was killed"

The parents of a Coligny boy who was killed allegedly by two farm workers say they continue to live in fear in the North West town.
Sixteen-year-old Matlhomola Moshoeu died last month. The two men charged with his murder claim that they caught Moshoeu stealing sunflowers at the farm they work on but that he jumped off the back of their bakkie and died while they were taking him to the police station.
Violent protests broke out in the town after the two accused were granted bail, with a number of houses torched and businesses looted.
The Economic Freedom Fighters will on Friday be leading a march to the local police station.
Moshoeu’s father Saki Dingake says he questions why his son was taken away from them.
He says he and the boy’s mother now live in fear and ensure they don’t roam around at night.
“I don’t trust white people anymore. Even living in my house is difficult. I make sure that when I leave, I make sure I am back by 3pm. I am afraid of white people.”
Moshoeu’s mother Agnes Moshoeu says she fondly remembers 9 December in 2001 when she gave birth to what she describes as her respectful sweet son.

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