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#Pretoria:Hijacked by sex workers – twice

Pretoria - While the police are working tirelessly to ensure that Sunnyside becomes a safer area, the lust for the ladies of the night continues to undermine their efforts.
During a week where the local police arrested over 130 suspects for offences like robbery, malicious damage to property, possession of drugs and attempted murder, a man allegedly stopped his car to pick up two sex workers on Friday at around 4am at the corner of Hamilton and Stanza Bopape streets.
He reportedly parked at a nearby McDonald's outlet, where he consumed alcohol in the company of his unknown new friends, Sunnyside police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said.
He said the man passed out soon after, and woke up during the afternoon of the same day at an unknown location in Mamelodi. Both his car,as well as other belongings, were missing.
“The car, a Toyota Yaris, is said to have been bought by the father of the victim's girlfriend for his daughter,” Mavimbela said.
The 28-year-old victim could only report the case after he had fully recovered from last Friday's ordeal.
It also emerged that the victim had his own VW Polo Vivo stolen under similar circumstances back in June 2015, when he had picked up two unknown sex workers in Pretoria Central.
Mavimbela said the pair ended up driving away with the victim's car shortly after he felt dizzy and stopped on the side of the road, alighting to get some air.
“One of the two ladies jumped into the driver's seat and drove away, leaving the victim to lick his wounds at that spot.”
The victim believes that his drinks were spiked on both occasions.
Sunnyside police and others in the Brooklyn cluster warn motorists not to risk their cars and lives by engaging with women in the vicinity, especially those near residential flats.
The women, the police have been saying, sometimes have accomplices in the flats, whom they alert once they have a “victim” to rob or hijack. In a lot of instances men are left standing on the sidewalk, minus wallets, personal belongings and cars, Mavimbela said.
Last week a man fell from a window high up in a block of flats when a suspected sex worker pushed him in a tussle over payments.
He had, the police said, paid her R30 for sexual services while she expected more. She went for his bag during the disagreement, in the process pushing him towards and out of a window.
Mavimbela said they conducted patrols through the day and night, alerting potential victims when they came across them, but sometimes their intervention was ignored, by men looking to have "a little fun."

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