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Robbie Malinga on the mend after hospital scare

Robbie's record label and management Universal Music confirmed that the star had recently been booked into hospital to treat his iron deficiency.
Universal Music spokesperson Dharam Sewraj said that the star was recovering well and was keen to get back to work soon.
"Doctors are happy with him and he could be released at any time. We got a call from him already telling us he wanted to get into studio," he said.
However, Universal Music bosses have demanded that Robbie get more rest and have called off all his booked studio sessions for the next two weeks.
"He has been travelling across the country for months without rest. He needs to take a break and look after himself. He is under strain but still works day in and day out. We discovered that he booked one of our studios for the next two weeks but we are cancelling those bookings and he will rest," Dharam said.
He said that there was no need to panic about Robbie's health and called on fans to understand and accept Robbie's absence from the stage.

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