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Stabbing victim threatens to kill accused#Cameron Wilson trial

Two alleged victims of murder accused Cameron Wilson were called back to the stand on Monday, where they lashed out at him in court.
Wilson, 20, claims he had consensual sex with one of the women, who alleges he raped her.
But when his lawyer, Advocate Mohamed Sibda, put this to the woman, she screamed at Wilson: “Yoh, jy kan k** praat!”
Wilson is being tried in the Western Cape High Court on 15 charges including six counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.
Sibda on Monday recalled two State witnesses to question them regarding Wilson’s admission that he did not stab one of the women.
He claims his friend, Xavier Bester, did it.
He also claims it was Bester, and not him, who slaughtered Valhalla Park girl Lekita Moore, 18, in September last year.
Bester was found murdered a day after Moore – on the same field in 8ste Laan.
Wilson also claims allegations that he raped and stabbed a young woman in April 2015 in Heinz Park were untrue, and that the two had consensual sex.
When Sibda called the alleged rape victim, Wilson smirked as she entered the courtroom and took to the witness stand.
The woman, who appeared nervous and stressed, told presiding judge Chantal Fortuin she did not want to speak.
When Sibda said Wilson denied the allegations, she lashed out at Wilson, shouting: “Yoh, jy kan k** praat! Hy maak my kwaad. Hy het my gerape, hy weet hy het dit gedoen!” (He makes me angry. He raped me, he knows he did it!)
She refuted Wilson’s claims and stuck with her initial testimony that he had dragged her to the bridge close to the R300 in Heinz Park, where he raped her.
When she tried to escape, he allegedly stabbed her in the neck.
Stabbing victim Roslyn Lakay also took the stand.
When she made eye contact with Wilson, she burst into tears.
Lakay was inconsolable and the registrar stood beside her to comfort her.
Sibda stated that it was Wilson’s case that Bester, and not him, had stabbed and robbed her.
But Lakay, testifying in Afrikaans, responded: “Xavier het my vas gehou. Hy (Wilson) het my gestiek." (Xavier held me. Wilson stabbed me.)
“He took my R70 and the cellphone that my child bought me."
“Hy bly deny, deny. I swear on my and my children’s lives, he looked me in the face when he stabbed me."
“Hy het my dan amper in my oog gestiek. Alles wat hy sê, lieg hy!” (He almost stabbed me in the eye. He is lying about everything he says.)
Before leaving the courtroom, an angry Lakay shouted at Wilson: “As ek die geleentheid kry om jou te stiek, stiek ek jou vrek, jy! Jy doen mos ‘* k** job!”
The trial resumes on Monday for closing arguments.

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