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'I had a stroke,I'm not a pervert' says Jiyaad de Hahn

Jiyaad de Hahn, 48, accused of masturbating in front of a Cape high school last week has come forward to say he is not a pervert or paedophile.
 Jiyaad de Hahn claims that he didn’t stroke his private parts, he actually had a stroke last month.
This left him him with non-stop spasms in his right arm, a speech problem and a weak bladder.
Last Wednesday, a resident said he saw de Hahn peeping through the fence at schoolgirls “and jerking himself off”.
The witness also took photos of de Hahn with his penis outside his pants.
He then called the school’s security officers who chased de Hahn down.
However, de Hahn was released after telling them that he was only taking a pee and that he was a patient at Groote Schuur Hospital.
The resident said he didn’t believe the story as he had watched de Hahn for a full 15 minutes “to make sure of his facts” before he called the security guards.
On Monday, de Hahn contacted the Daily Voice, saying he wanted to clear his name.
He brought with him letters from his doctors at Groote Schuur Hospital who confirmed his condition.
De Hahn says on the day in question, he had come from the nearby train station and was walking up to Groote Schuur, where he is being treated for high blood pressure, diabetes and the stroke.He says he suddenly had the urge to urinate, and quickly took a leak in the passage next to the school.
That’s when he heard people screaming at him, and he froze in fright.
“I have a weak bladder and I was on the train from Mitchells Plain for so long that I really needed to pee. I can’t help it,” he explains.
“I looked for a private spot and only turned around when people shouted at me. One guy said I can’t pee there. It’s like my entire body froze in that moment when I turned around, and my hands would not work.”
He says due to his condition, he could not put his penis back in his pants fast enough.
“I was nervous and ran, but because my body does not work like it used to, I fell around the whole time, unable to get away, and mortified at the same time,” says an embarrassed de Hahn.
A letter from Groote Schuur confirms he is temporarily medically boarded.
He says his stepdaughter recognised him in the Daily Voice and told his wife, who “told him to tell my story”.
“ I just want people to know the truth and that I am not a predator. I just want my name cleared and this embarrassment to be over,” he says.

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