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Killed with own Panga!

IN the early hours of Sunday morning a man broke into Carry’s shack. 
He was there to steal money, armed with a crude panga. 
Carry Guzana (53) told Daily Sun the man broke into her shack in Tambo section, Westonaria, Gauteng where she sells meat.
“I was sitting with my husband in our neighbour’s shack when my husband saw something that looked like the light of a torch in our yard.” 
It was in the early hours of Sunday morning. 
Carry’s husband, Kemish Nkxoyi (62), said: “I ran to my shack and found this man in my shack. He was armed with a panga. I screamed at him to get out.”
The alarm was raised and the man ran away, dropping his panga on the stoep, but residents cornered him, taking him back to Carry’s shack.
“The people asked him what he was doing in the shack. He said he had heard I sold meat there and there was money that he could steal,” said Carry.
Then a terrible thing happened.
“I tried to stop the mob from hitting him but he was kicked and stoned and struck with his own panga.”
She said she went to the police station and told them what happened.
“The police came back to the house and rushed the injured man to hospital, leaving the panga behind.”.
Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane told Daily Sun the man died at Leratong Hospital.
“This was afterthe cops rushed the man to hospital because he had serious injuries. Earlier, we registered an assault case but now we are investigating a murder case. No suspects have been arrested,” Lefakane said.
She said they believe they know who the dead man is but cannot confirm it at this stage. They believe he was 34 years old.
Yesterday, when asked why the panga wasn’t taken, Lefakane said police were concerned about getting the badly injured man to hospital. 
She said the investigation is in its early stages. The investigating officer went back to the hospital yesterday and will go back to the scene after that to collect evidence and talk to Carry and her husband.
“We are asking people to report such cases to the police rather than taking the law into their own hands.” 

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