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Pics #Zuma vote:Will continue or dismiss

The opposition parties are on side of Parliament today waiting for President Jacob Zuma to fall.
The African National Congress (ANC) supporters in their numbers are on the other side, positive he will stay. And the National Assembly has had to reprint the ballot papers because of an error.
While Members of Parliament (MPs) used their allocated time in Parliament to have their say, the crowds outside waited anxiously for the result of the vote.
Here’s the mood in pictures so far:
Opposition parties met at the top of Kaiserskragt this morning to prepare for their march to Parliament.

Riot police ready themselves for the start of the opposition march.

Opposition parties were led by the police on a route separate from the one the ANC would take to keep the parties separated.

Zwelenzima Vavi formed part of the leadership that lead the opposition march.

ANC supporters make their way to Parliament in their numbers.

The same minstrel team that showed up to support Zuma during the State of the Nation address arrived to show their support today.

There’s no question that Cape Town is buzzing with disappointment, hope and a ruling party and its supporters hanging on with tenacity.
But which way will the vote sway and what effect will it have on the citizens in the street?

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