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'President Joseph Kabila is an ILLEGITIMATE Leader, Criminal’

 The Congolese community living in South Africa says they're disappointed that the country is hosting President Joseph Kabila again, calling him an illegitimate leader.
Kabila's second and final term ended in December but the country has not held elections since.
Congolese, Zambian, Zimbabwean and Swazi citizen are protesting outside the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) in Pretoria where the SADC summit is being held.
Congolese community spokesperson Jean Bwasa says Kabila is a criminal.
“The atrocities in Congo that nobody is denouncing, 12 million people killed ever since 1997, more than 50,000 women being raped
The Congolese government says it needs to conduct a census which could take another 18 months.
Congolese citizens say Kabila continues to live lavishly while citizens suffer.

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