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#Robbers defeated by Cash Guards

THUGS tried to steal cash from guards who were delivering money to an ATM early yesterday morning.
But the fast reaction of the guards ensured that the four armed men left Central Park Centre in Bloemfontein empty-handed. A witness said the thugs were waiting for the van near the toilet entrance.
“The cash guards always use the entrance that is linked to the toilets when they enter the centre and leave. At about 5am there were four men waiting in the passage. When the security men arrived with the money, the shooting started.
“I ran away, fearing for my life. One thug was shot and killed by the guards and another one was injured,” said the witness.
When the SunTeam arrived at the centre, the shops were closed as cops were busy with their investigation.
A worker said: “I am glad that the guards managed to prevent a robbery. I am also happy my shop is still closed – it gives me time to fight my Monday hangover.”
Police spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Thandi Mbambo confirmed the incident. She said two suspects were shot and two were arrested. One suspect (43) from Lesotho died at the scene, while a wounded 33-year-old from Emalahleni, Mpumalanga was taken to hospital for treatment. He is under police guard.
Another two suspects, aged 27 and 28, were arrested after being found hiding in the toilets.
Three firearms were recovered.

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