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Man shot dead in the head-Crossfire

Sizwe Mbokazi (27) was caught in the crossfire during a gun battle between cops and robbers . . .
He was shot in the head outside his mother’s house!
One bullet missed its intended target and hit Sizwe, snuffing out his life as he lay in his mother’s arms.
Lindiwe (54) from Alexandra, east of Joburg, said she held her son in her arms as he lay bleeding excessively.
She told Daily Sun she was sitting inside her house in Alex when she suddenly heard police sirens wailing outside.
“In the midst of it I heard a gunshot, followed by people screaming and crying, mentioning Sizwe’s name.”
She found her son outside, bleeding.
“While I was holding my son and crying, police came and threatened to shoot me too, ordering me to leave him. Soon my son died,” she said, sobbing.
“I asked to see the man who shot him and one of the officers was pointed out to me.”
Captain Kay Makhubele said an inquest docket was opened and cases of hijacking and possession of an unlicensed firearm were 
being investigated.
He said police would investigate the circumstances that led to the shooting of the 
deceased. One suspect was arrested and would appear in court soon.

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