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#Suspect shoots victim again

A 54-year-old man was re-arrested in Florida Roodepoort, after he repeated the same offence.
It might have been an order of revenge, however, what really happened is only known by the victim and the jailed suspect.
It is alleged that the suspect first shot and wounded the victim last week, and  cops were called to arrest the suspect on the spot.
After the arrest, the suspect appeared at the Johannesburg Regional Court facing a charge of attempted murder.
Cops spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele said the man was granted bail of R5000.
“The man was given bail of R5000, as if that was not enough, the suspect returned to Florida, and again, he shot and wounded the same victim," said Makhubele.
The suspect was again arrested for attempted murder and contempt of court after he violated his bail conditions.
The suspect will remain in custody until his next appearance.
“The victim was taken to hospital for medical examination,” said Makhubele.

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