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#CAPE TOWN Suspect nabbed, but 'escapes from cell':Family's burglary ordeal

Cape Town - A Lansdowne family have suffered a double trauma after having their home burgled, and then the arrested suspect allegedly escaping from Lansdowne police station’s holding cells.
While police have denied the suspect escaped from their holding cells, the Cape Times understands they called an urgent meeting with the family last night.
Homeowner Roscoe Topley said the ordeal had made them lose confidence in the police.
“My home was burgled last Monday, and when I got home, the first sign of forced entry was when I saw my gate unlocked. Various items were missing from my home,” Topley said.
When he reported the case, he was told to return home and make a list of all the things that were missing.
“This encounter (with the police) made me very despondent. I listed all my stolen items but decided to conduct my own investigation. 
"On Sunday I went to the local shop when I saw a man standing in my clothes. He had on a full outfit that was mine,” he said.
Topley said he didn’t immediately approach the man who was standing with a group of men but could identify that it was his clothes and shoes worn by the suspect. 
Instead, he spoke to a car guard in the parking area, asking about the man wearing his clothes.
“I went to the police station with all information gathered and they came out to arrest the guy. At the police station they searched through the suspect’s bag and in it were various other items belonging to my family, including our extra set of house keys. Police took his details and it was found that he gave a false name and address to police.
“We went to the address and then returned to the police station. When we got there, I was told the suspect had just escaped from the holding cells. 
"I was shocked because how could he escape from a police station? I again attempted to lay a charge but still have not received a case number,” Topley said.
He had followed up with the police yesterday morning regarding his case number as it had not been sent via SMS yet, he said.
Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said: “There was no escape yesterday or over the weekend reported at the mentioned station. A case of housebreaking was opened on Sunday; however, the case system is offline as from yesterday.
“The docket will be registered as soon as the system is back online. There has been no spike in housebreakings in the Lansdowne police precinct.”
Topley said help from the police left much to be desired. 
“This is my first experience as a victim of crime and it has been unsavoury. They ask for people to come forward with information, but when you do that, this happens.”

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