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Girl stabbed at Hanover Park school by former pupil

Police are on the hunt for a former pupil at Crystal High School, Hanover Park, after he stabbed a girl on the school grounds yesterday.
The incident happened in full view of other pupils and residents, school principal Dino Abrahams said.
“It happened before school. The pupil was taken to the day hospital just after it happened,” he said.
It is believed the girl was stabbed by a man in an alleged gang-related incident.
“We know the man who stabbed the victim, he is an ex-pupil and the information has been shared with police.
Equal Education spokesperson Nishal Robb said: “Equal Education has consistently maintained that there is a school safety crisis in the Western Cape, and that far more needs to be done by the provincial government and by the SAPS to keep learners and teachers safe in school and on the way to school.
“On top of having to teach traumatised learners in already under-resourced and overcrowded classrooms, teachers and principals also have to act as police officers, security guards, detectives, counsellors, and therapists. 
"In this context, it makes complete sense that teachers feel abandoned and exploited by their employer, the WCED, and by the government in general.”
Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said SAPS reacted to the incident yesterday morning.
“The Philippi SAPS was summoned to a high school. It was brought to the attention of police that a learner was stabbed in an incident at the school. The learner who is a minor was already taken by her parents for medical treatment."
He said police had a talk with pupils addressing issues on gangs, bullying and drug abuse. “No complaint has been lodged by the victim’s parents yet and the state of injuries are unknown. No arrest was made."

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