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Meet Mrs ALEXANDRA 2016/2017!

GOGO Maria Mabena has finally realised her dream – even if it took her over 50 years. Recently the beauty was crowned Mrs Alexandra 2016/17.
It’s a dream that the 77-year-old gogo gave up on during her high school years.
“I was overjoyed and surprised at the same time because for me it was like an old dream finally coming true,” she said.
Born and bred in Alexandra, northern Joburg, gogo Maria said during her school years she used to enter beauty pageants. 
“I never won, not even once, so I just gave up on ever winning a title,” she said. 
Unlike the usual beauty pageants where judges consider beauty and brains, this one was different in the sense that one’s wellness counted. 
Maria said: “They looked at how active a woman was for her age. About 40 gogos entered. I have always been active and health conscious, even with what I eat.
“It’s not an easy competition as the other gogos were even prettier than me. But I was smarter and quicker.” 
Gogo Maria won a plasma TV and a dinner set. She will also be part of a group of gogos that community leader Linda Twala will be taking to Cape Town next month. 
“If there is one thing I’ve learnt from this competition it’s that dreams don’t die. They may sometimes take just a bit longer to be realised. Now I will die a happy soul,” she said.

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