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Spur Group probing racism claim after parking spat

The Spur Group has launched an investigation into racism allegations after 28-year-old Xolani Loliwe said he was denied entry to the group’s outlet in Gordon’s Bay because of the colour of his skin.
Loliwe said he was verbally abused by a customer on Monday in the parking area next to Beach Road, and when he approached a manager of the food chain, he received a second slight when he was denied entry into the Sunset Bay Spur.
Spur Group chief financial officer Ronel van Dijk said: “We are investigating the matter with our franchisee and we will respond to queries once we have fully ascertained the facts.”
Loliwe said he was on holiday from Johannesburg, visiting his family in Khayelitsha. He had gone to the beach before returning home. 
While in the parking area, he said, an older white man who was the passenger began shouting at him that the bay belonged to him.
“I told him I didn’t understand how he could own a 
public parking space. He stepped out of his vehicle, came to my window and said it was his f****ng parking, he owned that land and my f****ng black a** was not going to park there,” said Loliwe.
He said he grew up respecting his elders and stepped out of his vehicle trying to calm the other man, who began gesturing at him aggressively and threatened to strike him.
When Loliwe approached a man in a Spur uniform - who said he was a manager - for assistance, he said he was told to f*** off, and was denied entry into the restaurant.
He said he laid a complaint at the Gordon’s Bay police station against both men, later learning the manager was a shareholder in the franchise.
A Strand resident who said she witnessed the incident, and gave a statement to the police, said: “The old white man was in the wrong, he got into the younger guy's face and said 'you black a** people don’t own the land, we do'. 
"The manager came forward and asked what was going on, but only listened to the white guy, and I heard with my own ears him tell the other to f*** off,” said the woman.
Spur franchisee Herman du Toit said he was on duty and witnessed the incident, refusing Loliwe entry because he was not going to allow him to fight with customers in his restaurant.
Du Toit promised to give his version of events after returning from the police station as he was informed of the charges yesterday.
Police spokesperson Andre Traut said: “A 28-year-old complainant registered two cases of crimen injuria (wilful injury to someone’s dignity) against two individuals following an incident yesterday at around 5.20pm in a parking area in Strand. 
"The circumstances are being investigated and no one has been charged as yet.”

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