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IF he thought his gun would save him, he was wrong!
The young man was one of two thugs who allegedly robbed a shop in Solly Msimanga Village between Nellmapius and Buffer Zone in Mamelodi, Tshwane on Saturday.
When they tried to run away, people from the kasi chased after them.
One got away but the other fired shots at the crowd and hit two people.
“I will shoot you. Go back to your houses!” he screamed but this just seemed to provoke the crowd.
The man was eventually cornered at a stream in Buffer Zone, where the angry crowd caught up with him and stoned him to death.
When they were sure he was dead, they placed his gun on his chest.
Lucky Moabelo (27) said people in the village tried to escape.
“The thug was holding a gun.
“But when residents saw a crowd hot on his heels they joined in and cornered him at the stream.
“He undermined the residents.
“This will be a lesson to other robbers that residents won’t tolerate guns, especially if they are in the hands of criminals.”
Lucky said he was disappointed that parents allowed their children to look at the dead man. “I wonder how the kids will sleep at night without having nightmares. As an adult I’m still in shock.”
Mamelodi East police spokesman Captain Michael Mbewe said cases of murder and attempted murder were registered but no arrests have been made.

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