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#Oriental Plaza Fatal M1 Shooting Linked to money Exchange Scheme

FILE: Metro police at the scene of a shooting on the M1 highway on Wednesday 18 April 2018. Picture: Twitter/@visiontactical

 EyeNews247 reveals that a fatal shooting on the M1 north highway is linked to a Hawala money exchange scheme operating out of the Oriental Plaza.
A man was shot eight times near the Glenhove offramp on Wednesday just after 5pm.
A second person is believed to be in ICU in a hospital.
Eyewitnesses say that three men walked through rush-hour traffic, specifically looking for the white Audi A4, shot out the tyres and then opened fire on the occupants several times.
“Three men came out of nowhere… walked straight to the A4, smashed the car’s window and shot inside a couple of times before walking towards the opposite side of the freeway.”
The victim, whose name is known to Eyenew247, was of Indian or Pakistani descent.
Sources say that he was a runner for the Hawala money exchange scheme operating at the Oriental Plaza, and that the shooting may have been to silence him.
It’s also believed the hit may have been linked to a recent spate of kidnappings associated with Hawala networks.

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